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Porto, 2016

For me , going somewhere is like suddenly you know a little bit more about yourself and others. So it is not about the leaving, maybe more about the arriving. But just a little bit. I was in Porto in November. Why Porto? Actually i don’t know exactly. I’ve just decided to go somewhere and…

LONDON, 2016

It was strange feeling being again in London 10 years later. In 2006, I’ve been in London for 3 months. That was the time, I was changing lots of things in my life. In a very short time London was my home as well. In a strange way but yes. Hi Dear, nice to see…

South East, Turkey

In April, I had a small trip to the east, to the south east Turkey. Here are some impressions from Adana, Gaziantep, Mardin. I know it’s too many photos for a little trip but i could not sort them out! I hope you have the patience to check all of them! 🙂

Small walk in Florence

so. this summer i was just for a few days in tuscany. i had a little time to take walk through the streets of florence. on a sunny beautiful afternoon. so now it’s cold in germany, i’m at home as usual -i mean in recent :)- on a friday night. and i’ve decided, as a…