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Wedding in Maisenburg

Do you believe in coincidences? I do. Or I mean I like to.

When Zaki sent me a mail in 2015, I found her name really interesting. I could not figure out where she was from. I mean her name.
But her last name sounded familiar. This was not a common last name in Turkey and a connection was not possible but I knew someone with the same last name.


Before I moved to Germany, I lived in Turkey and worked for an IT company. I left my position because I decided to move to Germany. My boss, a wiseman, wished me good luck and told me something very special: “It’s not important where you live. What really important is the people around. People can make a place beautiful or horrible. I hope you meet beautiful people there.” Later I discovered how true this was. And now I fully understand what exactly this means.

I met Zaki and Ben in Böblingen.
Maisenburg is one of my favourite locations here, in the area of Stuttgart. Zaki and Ben found me via Google search (Thanks Google!). We talked about many different topics and we all immediately knew that I would be the one taking the photos of their big day 🙂 First I did not dare to ask this specific question. It simply sounded somehow weird/impossible. But I could not stop thinking about it and at one point I decided to ask. Zaki was so surprised. Of course Ben aswell. Anyway, Zaki and my boss are really relatives! What a coincidence!

On the wedding day, I was like someone everybody met somewhere. So familiar. It was a great day. I’m thankful for the way that let me meet such nice people.

Now enjoy the photos and be always surrounded by nice people! 🙂

Location: Maisenburg Hayingen
Music: Macera
Styling: Adriana Vitova
Catering: Failenschmid
Floristik/Deko: Floristik Rhein